Our Mission

Through our focus on social and environmental impact, innovative methods, and diverse backgrounds, Net Impact Berkeley strives to bring social responsibility and environmental stewardship to business and innovation. We believe that the intersection of social good and business is point of progress for our world.

Our Organization

Net Impact Berkeley is a student-run, non-profit management consultancy based out of the University of California, Berkeley. Our undergraduate chapter is unique for being the premier student group that consults for social enterprises, non-profits and sustainable businesses. We provide services to our clients, including impact and financial analyses, marketing, research, and corporate social responsibility.

Impact Across All Spectrums
We are united by a passion to make a greater impact on the world, and each of us contributes to that mission in our own way. There are many paths that lead to a positive change, and we value those who take the first step forward.
Tenacious Problem Solvers
We choose to tackle meaningful problems and deliver solutions that dive deeper than the obvious, surface-level insight.
A Growth Mindset
We see success as a constant growth process, not a state of being. We continuously seek out the best version of ourselves, of those around us, of our organization, and beyond.
Beyond impact, we're an inclusive community that genuinely loves being together. We go the extra mile to build lasting relationships so that our time with each other feels like home.

Net Impact Berkeley is built from the UC Berkeley's best and brightest students from a range of different sciplines, from business to engineering to the humanities. Our members represent a diversity of majors and interests, skills and toolkits, and passions for social good.

After our Net Impact Berkeley careers, we create our impact across a diverse spectrum of careers, from graduate school to consulting to software engineering, and everything in-between.
Member & Alumni Careers